One Fine Day at Uncle's Kitchen - Yogyakarta!

by - March 22, 2016

When I feel bored and lonely, I always take it out on something that makes my mood up again. Life is not always with a partner, but that doesn't mean we dont have a partner. Otherwise with a friend, moreover a good friend. Although not every day, a friend always makes life more colorful. Sometimes a part of our story, just a friend who can understand.

After a long time to make plans to meet, finally we can make it happen. Although it's just take a little times it can kill boredom. In the short time that afternoon, we talked a lot. Problem thesis, him, and all about women. hehe

The place that we visited called Uncle's Kitchen. This place recently opened. The concept here is our favourite, yap Vintage. Recommended! The menu is diverse, start from appetizers to dessert. The price is still affordable for students. As a result, we share stories, we also took some photos. That's a must! Her name is Denia, she was a friend of the radio broadcast of the half time until the third semester in college, until now we still meet, and she also inspired me to become a blogger. She's cool and nice. Hopefully we can continue to learn and work in this blogger world.

With Love,

Location : Uncle's Kitchen, Yogyakarta

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1 komentar

  1. Uncle Kitchen tempatnya emang okeeee banget 😍 mau buat hangout sendirian atau rame-rame, bisa semua. Makanannya juga lumayan laah, kemarin nyobain mie goreng acehnya, enyak!